Where Are You From?

Lisa Stewart Design Where Are You From?

Where you’ve lived and places you’ve visited have influenced who you are and therefore your home’s décor. We tend to surround ourselves with environments that are familiar to us and remind us of places we hold dear.

I am often asked, “Where are you from?” I feel a bit strange answering this because I’ve moved so many times and have called a number of places home. Consequently, I like change. Lately, the contents in my home seem to be in constant motion-a result of having no intention of moving any time soon. My children also struggle with this question as American kids who were raised abroad. A source of anxiety for them in their teens and college years, they now consider themselves citizens of the world.  This explains the variety of different cultures and styles that are reflected in their homes.

How do you answer this question? And does answering this question give outsiders a clue about how your home is decorated? For example, if you were raised in the country you may love a casual feel in your home, while those who were raised in big cities might prefer a more modern, minimalistic feel.

If your home is a reflection of where you’re from and places you’ve been, that’s wonderful. But I would like to present another question. Do you think we should be decorating our home for our hopes and dreams? Much like it’s recommended we dress for the job we are striving to attain, should we also be dressing our home for success?

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Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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