Timeless Decorating, Timeless Memories

Lisa Stewart, Design, Interior, Raleigh, NC, Classic Decor

This 1940’s living room above shows classic features that never go out of style.

It belonged to my in-laws and the photo was taken by my father-in-law shortly after he returned from WWII, where he served in the Navy as a “Seabee” in the Pacific. Money and materials were scarce for them.  But my mother-in-law’s resourcefulness and sewing skills helped her create this beautiful room in their rented apartment in South St. Louis, MO.

The second photo below shows today’s classic modern home using the same timeless elements. How can you give your home this lovely, lasting look?
– Find a bold pattern you love and use it in the drapes or wallpaper, or perhaps in an accent chair.
– Use solid colors on the sofa, walls and rug to anchor the room.
– Choose comfortable, well-made sofas and chairs with simple arm styles.
– Select contemporary accent lighting, tables and throw pillows that reflect your unique personality. These are easy to change if you want to update the look later.

As I spoke to my mother-in-law about her 1940’s living room, her memories of its exact details had faded.  Other memories were crystal clear though. These were memories of cherished family, friends and co-workers who gave her love and support through difficult times during and after the war.  Unfortunately their faces are missing from the picture but they linger forever in her heart.

This leads me to the last thing to do in your home. Create lasting relationships with people that will support you though life’s ups and downs. Decorate your home with love. Share your home with others and photograph the fun!  Strive for timeless beauty and timeless memories that will never fade.

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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