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It was an honor to work with Lisa Stewart Design on this project. She gave me perfect design expectations and desired completion results then let me run with my imagination to design a finished wall treatment to compliment this fabulous residential beauty. She knows what her clients love and then makes it happen!

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Laura Reynolds

Lisa returned my call immediately. She was able to schedule an appointment the next week. Her suggestions were great and helped me accomplish my decorating and design wish list.

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Designers Choice Florals, Inc

When I met Lisa Stewart of Lisa Stewart Designs, I knew creating custom florals for Lisa would be a great experience. We share the same values—great customer service. Lisa is a great choice for an Interior Designer because of her professional skills and her deep passion to bring her clients’ dreams to life.

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client client

We live in a 50s ranch house that we have added onto. We needed help with making the floorplan flow better and bringing everything together before we added a garage with a master above. Lisa had lots of ideas, as far as how to make the best use of each area of the house and making it really work for our family of five. She did this by also integrating the existing elements of the house and therefore keeping its integrity. She also helped us with the layout of our new master bath. We were able to fit everything we wanted and more, while still keeping the bathroom aesthetically pleasing.

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Lauren Woodworth

Faced with the surprisingly difficult decisions involved in selection of exterior paint colors for our new front door, shutters, shed, and pool cabana (which for some reason overwhelmed me more than interior paint selections!) I called Lisa! She came out with a smile, encouraging words and confident suggestions. She came up with a color plan and then had color sample sheets mailed to me so I could reinforce the decisions before committing. She came back out when I had a moment of concern and reviewed the options again. Great personality, wonderful responsiveness/communication and able to work with different aesthetics. And we love the final results! Thanks Lisa!

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During the time we spent together, I found her advice useful and insightful. She does an excellent job of using existing resources. Her ideas were creative and fit my "over the top" style. She followed up with color samples and a summary of our discussion. I appreciate her assistance in selecting two chandlers. I am pleased with the results.

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A true transformation! My husband and I recently downsized to a smaller house but still had carry-over furniture and accessories from three decades of multiple houses, multi-state moves and international travel. We wanted to use as much of our existing furniture/accessories as possible but knew we had to jettison certain items that no longer fit in terms of physical space and look. And we knew he and I could not make these decisions ourselves -- we were too emotionally connected to them, at least we thought we were. He and I wanted a credentialed and well-travelled designer that would not only guide us but also challenge us to think a bit different. This is where Lisa Stewart Design enters. Lisa arrived at 9:00 am ready to work and believe me she’s a hands-on worker in every sense of the word. She did in fact challenge us to think about all the possibilities we had before us. For example, we experimented with various room layouts -- moving tables, chairs, rugs and art – to determine which look fit as a whole, not just as a single room. Her practical knowledge of architecture, design and décor was key in helping us create a new look we absolutely love. This house is our sixth and by all measures it’s our most beautiful because of Lisa. We’ve used interior designers for most of our moves but none are more gifted that Lisa, honestly. In that one day, we totally transformed a 4000+ sqft house to a residence that’s a true reflection of our family and international travels. “This house is you,” say our friends and family. I highly recommend Lisa not only for her amazing design ability and pleasant personality but also because she successfully took us beyond our norms. Thank you Lisa!

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Lisa was very helpful in providing my husband and I with guidance on how we can make our space more inviting and put together. The suggestions began the minute she set foot in our home. She is very organized and efficient with her time. She even went as far as to join us when we went furniture shopping and worked with the sales consultant. We highly recommend Lisa to assist with your decorating needs.

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Am I ever glad I had Lisa Stewart Design to help me! Lisa walked me through, step by step, as this was the first bit of remodeling I'd ever gotten myself into. She asked me to go on to the houzz website to narrow down some basic ideas that I already had. I told her what I liked. Then, she came up with unique ideas I would never have thought of (or I didn't see on houzz), especially the wall of glass shelves with the floor to ceiling mirror behind. We selected the finish for the custom made cabinetry and shower tile to work with the existing flooring. Lisa sent me to experts for choosing the lighting, countertop sinks and faucets. Every company she sent me to had excellent people with whom I felt comfortable working with. Then, lastly, she knew just the right wall color. I love my new bathroom, and so does my husband (very important!). It turned out better than I imagined and was much less hassle because of Lisa's expertise and direction.

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Lisa helped us update our entire house on a budget. Most importantly, Lisa listened carefully to what we wanted and helped us define our style. She skillfully re-arranged our furniture and artwork from room to room. In addition, we bought a few new pieces with Lisa’s approval. She helped us choose the fabrics when we re-upholstered the sofa and throw pillows. Lisa’s attention to detail helped create flow throughout the house. We moved ceiling fans and light fixtures and even changed switch plates and floor vent covers. We put chandeliers in every bedroom that we found bargain shopping at consignment stores. Lisa helped us select wall colors that really made the house feel like our home. There are still things that need to be done and we will no doubt call Lisa when making more changes.

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Lisa assisted us with creating an attractive fix to a structural issue involving adding a column and headers in our living room/foyer. The end result is so attractive everyone thinks we remodeled to upgrade our house. Her input was invaluable in this process.

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Lisa Stewart is great! She helped me turn my house into my home by providing her superb decorating and design advice, pointing me in the direction of reputable vendors, and supporting my ultimate choices. Her expertise was evident as she pulled together our unique collection of art and items gathered from our travels to tell the story of our lives. I highly recommend Lisa for any design or decorating projects you may have.

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Lisa spent a good 3 1/2 hours with me at my house. We started with the basics and then got more specific. She did a great job of determining my tastes before invoking her own tastes into the equation. Fantastic job and the place is looking great already!

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I have had the privilege to find and hire Lisa's services. Lisa is a very talented designer who understands my needs & tastes and collaborates effectively with me to create a well and uniquely designed house even when several constraints exist. She constantly combines her excellent understanding of the elements of design with an even better understanding/sense of daily functionality of space. She is a patient listener. She is a true resource, providing beautiful inspirational pictures, helping me think/ navigate through decisions with clarity, pointing me to adequate Web research and local vendors. She has had a lot of international experience which also lends itself beautifully. Thank you, Lisa!

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Dave Franklin

I am a male "do it yourself-er" to the Nth degree, so you may understand why it was difficult to hire a designer for the first time. Lisa's promise of value included statements that she works to help clients save money by utilizing existing materials in the home. I always felt a problem I had was having some nice possessions, but no idea how to assemble them to maximize their design impact.

Lisa came over and wasted no time. She got to know me (and read me very well), learned my tastes, and DIY capabilities, and we did a whirlwind re-staging of many of my possessions. Then we crafted a laundry list of projects I could do myself. I don't miss anything I tossed out, and my spaces are ALL more comfortable. I re-hired Lisa twice more to come back and help me choose paint colors throughout my home, and continue staging my home. I'm still working thru some of the ideas she gave me, and each time, thinking, "why didn't I do this sooner!!". Lisa will shop for you, or provide advice if you choose to shop for yourself - which I have taken her up on several times. She goes above and beyond to please her clients, and as I tackle more spaces in my home, Lisa is the first one I will call again next time.

Oh, BTW, Lisa - my patio is now cleared of the old hot tub, re-tiled and has 3 season windows. I'm ready for some more design tips - I'm thinking "Modern African Safari" - call me!

Enthusiastically, Dave

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Joanna Klingler

I hired Lisa as we had moved into a new house and were struggling with re-decorating downstairs. Love, love Lisa and would highly recommend her to friends and family. She is very perceptive and has a great eye for design and detail.

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Lisa worked with us to stay within budget and has wonderful contacts in the business. In addition, which I really liked, is that she was able to take many of the items we already owned and use them in other rooms or in places we would have never though of.

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Pam K

Just married and having bought a new house, I hired Lisa Stewart to advise my husband and myself on floor plans, window treatments, furnishings and art placement. This was no small task and required a lot of patience on Lisa's side given that my husband and I have different design preferences so brought different furniture to the house and envisioned each room differently.

Lisa has advised us on ways to merge our distinct styles so that the end result looks fabulous and the rooms work. I am amazed each time I walk into our sitting area - she advised us on where to move our grand piano and transformed the room into a gorgeous sitting area with a lovely piano - instead of a room with a piano in it that blocked views and made the room awkward. The room looks larger, open and is now functional.

Lisa will put extensive analysis into your design project and offer multiple solutions to meet your needs. She helped me choose a sofa color to complement existing furniture and wall colors, going so far as to examine the color swatch outdoors to ensure that the color was what we needed in natural light in our two-story great room.

She recommended a great vendor for windows treatments, and worked patiently with me to find a solution that I am completely pleased with.

Last, she has worked within out budget and recommended areas where we could economize versus those where we should splurge. We have saved money by avoiding unnecessary purchases and spending our dollars wisely.

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I had Lisa help me pick interior colors for my home. She helped me define my style when I didn't even know I had a style. The colors we decided on were exactly what I wanted but was afraid to actually use. That was 2 years ago and I still love my warm and welcoming home.

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We were facing a daunting renovation of our 20 year old house, which simply was not working for us. We needed professional guidance. Lisa helped us think through how we use the house and from that she created floor plans to improve the house's layout. She worked with our general contractor to make sure all the little details of the design were implemented correctly. We have no doubt that our small investment in hiring Lisa saved us money in the long run by avoiding a lot of mistakes we would've otherwise made.

Now that the renovation is done, we're really enjoying the much-improved flow and feel of the house. It's like having a new home!

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