Kristine W

Lisa is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and highly professional. Importantly, she is a careful listener with a warm and engaging personality. We met with Lisa to discuss ideas on remodeling our 1990s-era bathrooms because we were unsure of how to proceed. Lisa was able to present us a new vision, rescaling our plans and saving us a significant amount of money while still achieving our goal of creating an elegant, updated look and enhancing the function of the spaces. The savings on our bathroom remodels will allow us to embark on other redecorating projects that we thought were beyond our reach. We are thrilled! Lisa has amazing insights into melding function with beauty, and she has an appreciation of and respect for collectibles and antiques, and how best to display them to tell our family story. She has extensive resources to help us realize our vision. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Lisa to enhance our entire home, thereby enriching our family life. We are so pleased to have her as our guide in this journey!

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Sharon H-P

Lisa Stewart was very helpful in assisting in my final selections for my master bathroom and hall bathroom. I laid out all my plans, samples, tiles, etc., and we spent 2 hours finalizing the details. She also suggested LED mirrors and an automated window shade- we agreed with Lisa and love the mirrors and shade.

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P Levin

Lisa helped us with the interior details of our new home. The plan included the selection of: lighting, window treatments, fabrics, furniture and paint colors. This was an all-encompassing design plan that integrated existing furnishings with new, complementary design elements. The process required patience and a focus on detail. Lisa worked with our taste while being conscious and respectful of our budget. Lisa has great contacts in the design business that enabled us to source the items needed for the plan. She addressed our present planning objectives and gave us great future design ideas. As we walk through our house now, we see rooms with style and charm. Thank you, Lisa!

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Misty B

Lisa has a warm personality, is super organized and is very knowledgeable and professional. We had been wanting to update the downstairs of our 1990s home but I didn’t have the confidence to tackle this project alone. Lisa assisted us in selecting lighting, paint colors, cabinet colors and countertop, tile, rugs and furniture that would coordinate and update our area. She gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. We will definitely be asking her back to help us update the upstairs area next year!

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Sharon B

Lisa Stewart was amazingly helpful in redesigning plans for my existing farmhouse home as well as designing the new addition blueprint. She listened to my ideas and thoroughly explained how they could or couldn't work into the plan. Lisa's communication was extremely effective which allowed me to learn and understand the process. This gained knowledge will be of great help in communicating with the builder.  Thank you so much Lisa!

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Dee P

Exterior, kitchen, every bath & interior paint colors! Lisa updated our entire traditional home!  Neighbors stop to tell me they love the new exterior look. The windows color she suggested was perfect. My kitchen is accessible so I can easily reach things as I age. Most importantly, I have enough drawers for everything. I even have some drawers that I can fill as I buy the latest in kitchenware! Lisa suggested things I never would have thought to do. She even showed me how to display my beloved artwork & treasures. My father would have been thrilled to see his antique samovar as the focal point of the kitchen. I love everything!

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Jackie S

Lisa assisted us with color consultations for our home and our kitchen final design. We had much better outcomes with her assistance and I learned so much because she shares her knowledge while being respectful of your choices. She gave us peace of mind about our final selections. There are so many kitchen cabinet vendors and design companies, and she shared her contacts and expertise. She has clearly designed many kitchens and I appreciated her support and guidance. Thank you so much, Lisa!

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Roberta C

Lisa Stewart solves problems with her design and renovation ideas and advice. We have successfully turned to Lisa on several occasions. The first time, she came to our rescue when my husband and I combined our furniture in one house – the typical “yours” and “mine” mix of two different personalities. Lisa took on the challenge and was able to use our furnishings and accessories to design a comfortable and dramatic living space; a space that worked for both my husband and me.

Several years later Lisa staged our house when we wanted to sell during one of the worst real estate climates in history. As a result of her staging, the house sold on the first day for more than the asking price!

Lisa recently advised us on a comprehensive design for our current home. She is not only knowledgeable on flow, architecture, materials, and current trends, but also on how to get the most “bang for your buck”.

We would highly recommend consulting with Lisa for any of your design needs.

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Joanne B

I have found Lisa to be a gifted designer who is able to see design problems and solutions and work within the context of your needs and budget. Lisa worked with wall colors throughout my home, which was a great success. She came up with both short term and long term design strategies for my great room, utilizing existing furniture and accessories as well as recommending new replacement pieces to purchase "down the road." She worked with room structure as well, accommodating our 26' ceiling into a warm living area. My husband's in-home office also was transformed into a creative, inviting work environment. Additionally, Lisa facilitated my Mother's downsize. She was able to select appropriate pieces of existing furniture and pictures, and oversee their placement in the new space. The result was a tasteful and delightful new living area, all ready for hassle free move-in! I highly recommend Lisa for your design needs. She is able to tailor design solutions to your personal tastes, needs and budget.

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Jackie B

Lisa has a good eye for color and creative ideas. She will guide you in purchasing fabrics, window treatments etc. and is open to telling you where to get the best deals. Lisa associates herself with top professionals so her clients get great results.

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Linda C

Lisa consulted with me for my kitchen redesign and the reuse of existing rooms. She listened to my needs and concerns and came back with a comprehensive plan. She was clear, decisive and had some creative ideas that I continue to use today. I would highly recommend Lisa. I thought she was exceptional in her design expertise and her ability to listen well and communicate clearly.

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Louise S

We decided to invest a few hours with Lisa after seeing her work at a friend’s home. Our approach was simple - described our desires to her and let her work her magic. After touring our home and absorbing everything we own (and I do me everything), Lisa explained her process - just let go, let her direct, and we do the moving. This was definitely out of our comfort zone (being the controlling people we are), but we thought we’d give it a try.

Part of the beauty of working with Lisa is that wherever possible, she used our furniture and accessories to bring our home to life. When new accessories were needed, she made recommendations on what to buy and where to buy it, using a product quality and pricing scheme that matches our lifestyle.

The bottom line of any job is: do you love the results. We love what Lisa did for our home. She brought together color, style, and themes. She made changes we never would have thought about (our chimney wall mosaic) and brought color to a room that surprises and delights everyone that sees it (a large gold framed painting on a black accent wall in the bedroom). The only surprise you will get when working with Lisa is how the results will exceed your expectations.

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Allison D

Lisa was an amazing person to work with. She offered patient, thoughtful advice without feeling pushy or overwhelming. Lisa truly knows her field, and has a gift for helping her clients develop a design style that is personal, consistent, and effortless.

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Gary S

We were facing a daunting renovation of our 20 year old house, which simply was not working for us. We needed professional guidance. Lisa helped us think through how we use the house and from that she created floor plans to improve the house's layout. She worked with our general contractor to make sure all the little details of the design were implemented correctly. We have no doubt that our small investment in hiring Lisa saved us money in the long run by avoiding a lot of mistakes we would've otherwise made.

Now that the renovation is done, we're really enjoying the much-improved flow and feel of the house. It's like having a new home!

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Shirley W

I had Lisa help me pick interior colors for my home. She helped me define my style when I didn't even know I had a style. The colors we decided on were exactly what I wanted but was afraid to actually use. That was 2 years ago and I still love my warm and welcoming home.

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Pam K

Just married and having bought a new house, I hired Lisa Stewart to advise my husband and myself on floor plans, window treatments, furnishings and art placement. This was no small task and required a lot of patience on Lisa's side given that my husband and I have different design preferences so brought different furniture to the house and envisioned each room differently.

Lisa has advised us on ways to merge our distinct styles so that the end result looks fabulous and the rooms work. I am amazed each time I walk into our sitting area - she advised us on where to move our grand piano and transformed the room into a gorgeous sitting area with a lovely piano - instead of a room with a piano in it that blocked views and made the room awkward. The room looks larger, open and is now functional.

Lisa will put extensive analysis into your design project and offer multiple solutions to meet your needs. She helped me choose a sofa color to complement existing furniture and wall colors, going so far as to examine the color swatch outdoors to ensure that the color was what we needed in natural light in our two-story great room.

She recommended a great vendor for windows treatments, and worked patiently with me to find a solution that I am completely pleased with.

Last, she has worked within out budget and recommended areas where we could economize versus those where we should splurge. We have saved money by avoiding unnecessary purchases and spending our dollars wisely.

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Pam K

Lisa worked with us to stay within budget and has wonderful contacts in the business. In addition, which I really liked, is that she was able to take many of the items we already owned and use them in other rooms or in places we would have never though of.

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Joanna K

I hired Lisa as we had moved into a new house and were struggling with re-decorating downstairs. Love, love Lisa and would highly recommend her to friends and family. She is very perceptive and has a great eye for design and detail.

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Dave F

I am a male "do it yourself-er" to the Nth degree, so you may understand why it was difficult to hire a designer for the first time. Lisa's promise of value included statements that she works to help clients save money by utilizing existing materials in the home. I always felt a problem I had was having some nice possessions, but no idea how to assemble them to maximize their design impact.

Lisa came over and wasted no time. She got to know me (and read me very well), learned my tastes, and DIY capabilities, and we did a whirlwind re-staging of many of my possessions. Then we crafted a laundry list of projects I could do myself. I don't miss anything I tossed out, and my spaces are ALL more comfortable. I re-hired Lisa twice more to come back and help me choose paint colors throughout my home, and continue staging my home. I'm still working thru some of the ideas she gave me, and each time, thinking, "why didn't I do this sooner!!". Lisa will shop for you, or provide advice if you choose to shop for yourself - which I have taken her up on several times. She goes above and beyond to please her clients, and as I tackle more spaces in my home, Lisa is the first one I will call again next time.

Oh, BTW, Lisa - my patio is now cleared of the old hot tub, re-tiled and has 3 season windows. I'm ready for some more design tips - I'm thinking "Modern African Safari" - call me!

Enthusiastically, Dave

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Blessy J

I have had the privilege to find and hire Lisa's services. Lisa is a very talented designer who understands my needs & tastes and collaborates effectively with me to create a well and uniquely designed house even when several constraints exist. She constantly combines her excellent understanding of the elements of design with an even better understanding/sense of daily functionality of space. She is a patient listener. She is a true resource, providing beautiful inspirational pictures, helping me think/ navigate through decisions with clarity, pointing me to adequate Web research and local vendors. She has had a lot of international experience which also lends itself beautifully. Thank you, Lisa!

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