Paris Design Week – Maison & Objet

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Twice a year Paris welcomes those with a passion for design.

This year Maison & Objet decided to extend the energy of its exhibition aisles into the entire city and Paris Design Week was born. It became a festival, showcasing the art of living and creatives within Paris. International designers, architects, decorators, fashion designers, and chefs also answered the design call. For two weeks the players in the world of home design offered the best in trends, innovations, decoration and design.

So what was trending at the Paris Show?

The Colors of the optimistic 70’s returned in full bloom! Caliente Cayenne Reds, French Blue, Herbal Healing Greens and Warm Golden Yellows reflect the need for hope and brighter days ahead!

With the advent of LED Lighting, we see bands of light spark a transformation. The new shapes of interior illumination are like rays of sunshine igniting our imagination.

Natural materials were used with sustainability in mind. Innovators were asking questions like; Where and how are the materials used and harvested? What impact did each step of the product’s creation have on our earth?

Overall, the emerging trends ranged from organic to modern with updated forms and functions that will see us through the coming years with enthusiasm. C’est la Vie!


Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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