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Lisa Stewart Design Paint Black Wall

Bold Black Transforms This Wall!

I had a vision for dramatically transforming a room through bold and unconventional use of wall color.

But applying the color would be challenging and I knew it could only be done by an experienced professional painter.

Thinking of painting your walls? Here’s some advice straight from painter Keith Williams of Southpoint Painting in Greensboro, NC:

“First do the prep work.
– Prepare the walls by patching holes and sanding rough spots.
– Protect the floors and furnishings from dust and paint splatters. Use plastic to minimize cleanup.
– Prepare the ceiling and trim to paint perfect edges, especially when you have dramatic color changes. I use 3M Clean Edge blue tape. Take your time and be patient. It takes practice, skill, and the right tools to create clean, hand-cut edges.

“Next choose the right paint.
– For this project, Lisa wanted the black color to have some shine so we used semi-gloss paint. Semi and high gloss paints are difficult to apply, show roller lines, and any wall imperfections in the wall. However, once dry they are more durable and easier to clean. Flat paints do not clean well and would not have been a good choice for the fireplace wall.
– Select good quality paint because you get what you pay for. Without getting into chemical properties, the more expensive paints are easier to apply.  They do not sag or run as they’re applied.  Their finish is harder and more durable. Primer is usually not necessary if using two coats of quality paint.  And good paint doesn’t smell.”

Thanks to Keith my vision for a dramatic transformation is complete using a bold color choice shown below.

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Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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