Must-Have When Building or Remodeling a Home: A Lighting Expert

Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Lighting 2

Design your home with lighting to brighten your life!

When building or remodeling a home take time to learn the latest in lighting from lighting expert, Deb Dorn of Capitol Lighting Gallery. She always keeps me up to date on the innovative and high-tech options available in the market today! Together we can design lighting plans for you that will add comfort and luster to your life.


Here are just a few radiant ideas. Light stairways for safety. Place outlets in the floor for lamps on tables in the middle of the room. Use the Legrand System for a kitchen backsplash free of unsightly outlets and switches. Consider adding above-cabinet lighting to supplement the under-cabinet lighting. Add toe-kick lighting in kitchens and baths for perfect night lights. Put dimmers on everything for relaxing evening entertaining. Use beautiful chandeliers, sconces, lamps and more to finish off the space with personality. Then learn how to control it all from your phone!

Prepare your list of lighting must-haves early so the electrician can create a plan and execute to your requirements. Prepare your budget also. Some of these glowing extras may seem costly, but Deb always helps my clients come in on budget. Make an appointment with Deb soon to illuminate your environment!

See a kitchen backsplash that’s free of unsightly outlets and switches. Go here.

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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