Little Girl, Big Dreams

Original 1968-07 NY China Town Lisa

Designing model homes in China may not be every American child’s dream but for me, it feels perfectly normal. Why?

For one, as a little girl, I adored visiting my dad at his commercial painting and decorating business where I first picked up my love for design. For another, I delighted in our family vacations, where our road trips across the USA and Mexico included destinations with endless fascinating things to explore. After our trips I would often go to our lake at sunset and dream of mysterious faraway lands beyond the horizon.

Road trips are a good metaphor for my life. Sometimes the roads I’ve chosen have led me straight to my dream destination.  Sometimes they’ve detoured to unexpected places, delaying when I arrive where I dreamed but showing me wonderful, unexpected things in the process.

Lisa Stewart Design China Work
Lisa Stewart Design Asian Work

The funny thing is that the dreams of my childhood are always echoed in my life’s journey. I’ve learned that no matter what happens I’ll find my way as long as I proceed with a thankful heart.  Here I’m pictured as a child in the 60’s enjoying Chinatown, NY, and then as an adult working in Beijing in 2015.  Who would have dreamed I’d be working in Asia? I did! Follow your dreams and give thanks along your journey.

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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