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The Restoration Hardware Mission to LOVE

“In the World of RH you’ll discover products that we love, designed and developed by people that we love for people who love what we do,” says Restoration Hardware CEO, Gary Friedman. Restoration Hardware harnesses artistic masters in the home furnishing industry to create their new classic designs. Each new Collection launches a movement that shakes up the home furnishing world. Its latest lighting collection has me swooning! Inspired by antique scales the Fulcrum Round Chandelier in solid brass is […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh LED Light

LEDs Lighting Your Home

Update your Lighting with the Latest LEDs. Are you ready to make the switch to the far more cost-efficient, long lasting and environmentally friendly LED bulbs? The above photo shows some great looking options to light up your life. Your home will shine with these helpful hints for replacing your old incandescent and fluorescents with LED luminaries. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing them. Cost: Prices are coming down, but for durability and quality stick with the big-name lighting […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Lighting 2

Must-Have When Building or Remodeling a Home: A Lighting Expert

Design your home with lighting to brighten your life! When building or remodeling a home take time to learn the latest in lighting from lighting expert, Deb Dorn of Capitol Lighting Gallery. She always keeps me up to date on the innovative and high-tech options available in the market today! Together we can design lighting plans for you that will add comfort and luster to your life.   Here are just a few radiant ideas. Light stairways for safety. Place […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Countertops

Must-Have When Building or Remodeling a Home: Kitchen Countertop Continues as the Backsplash

Design a clutter free look by continuing the countertop material right up the wall. This kitchen feels open and airy because the granite countertop and backsplash visually enlarges the space. Notice also how the backsplash has no unsightly outlets and switches. They are hidden by using products that install under the upper cabinets. There are also USB ports and device holders for the homeowners’ phones, tablets and other devices. For more information on these products read more here. See more photos […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Tommy Mitchell

Spring 2016 High Point Market: Decorate with Artists from Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

Interior Designers in the Triangle love local artists Tommy Mitchell and Louise Gaskill. I’ve found the perfect finishing touches to decorate your home. Consider purchasing these original works of art locally in Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Above artist Tommy Mitchell’s nature-inspired metal sculptures are alluring combinations of copper, brass and steel. His floral furniture, lighting, wall décor and accessories have lifelike painted and glam gold leaf finishes. These hand-made signed pieces of art will captivate you. My favorite ones are […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Boots 1

Artisan Lighting Design

These chandeliers are functional pieces of art! Exquisitely hand crafted, each piece is unique. Fashioned with natural quartz crystals, brass, and LED lights, these sculptures are whimsical, earthy, and modern. The artist, Christopher Boots, is driven by the love of nature and light. Trained as an industrial designer he is based in Melbourne, Australia. Above the intriguing Prometheus pendant lights by Boots is crafted from bronze and quartz crystals. Below the Quadrix by Boots creates slices of light that emanate from […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Pendant Light 2

The Perfect Pendant Light

Call it traditional, vintage, retro, or industrial, but I’ve found the perfect classic contemporary pendant light fixtures. They can be hung solo or in clusters to create enchanting light effects. Inspired by the delicate craftsmanship of hand-cut crystal, they can illuminate any room of the house. Repurposing this antiquated art form into functional, fresh, and hip light fixtures is brilliant! This is not grandma’s old decanter. Shown here are the Decanterlight and Crystal Bulb, signature designs of Lee Broom. Each […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Lighting Versailles 1

Palace of Versailles – 21st Century Lighting

This famous French 17th century chateau, the brainchild of Louis XIV and a spectacular symbol of his regime, was the first royal palace to introduce lighting in the form of candle-lit chandeliers. This invention set the standard of lighting for all other European dynasties. The famous Hall of Mirrors, where the treaty ending the First World War was signed, has a collection of 17 large reproduction chandeliers. In the 20th century these were lit with unattractive and inefficient incandescent bulbs […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Edison Light Bulb 2

Edison Incandescents Inspire New Classics

“I never did a day’s work in my life, it was all fun.” Thomas Edison. Inspired by the genius of Edison, this new lighting design trend has fun and historic artistry written all over it. The luminescence and amber-orange glow of original 1910 Edison-style filament bulbs cast a mood-setting ambient light in either reproduction or modern light fixtures. This is a lighting style worth considering in spite of reports that incandescent light bulbs will someday be replaced by LED’s. My […]

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Imagine This Lighting Your Home

The possibilities for your home are astounding! GE OLEDs – the future of lighting. Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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