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Dream Home

Homes of Dreams

Do you have a dream home in mind? I’m here to help my clients decorate, remodel and even build dream homes. But unfortunately many people believe their problems will disappear when they have their dream domicile decorated. My dream for them is to change the way they think and feel about their house. As I walk through my clients’ places I love to listen and ask unusual questions. To find the answers most must dig deep. Over the years, I’ve […]

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Homes of Soul

Did you know interior design can add soul to your home? I ask all my clients, “What do you want your home to feel like?” Regardless of the answer, we jointly come up with a plan to affect the sentiments the client wants to express. One client wanted her home to feel calm. When we finished decorating, she said, “Lisa has helped me to turn my house into a home and has been so incredible to work with. She’s thoughtful […]

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Vacation Rental Design

The design of this beautiful vacation rental home, named “Gallery by the Sea,” was inspired by my client’s original art collection. The goal of this new construction project was to create a relaxing and refreshing retreat. What a joy to share the photos now. Enjoy! See more photos from this project here Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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Science, brains, release chemicals, healthy, health, beauty, neuro-aesthetic, explore, how light, sun, color, natural, materials, patterns, feel better., environments, emotion has always been my goal. Brain Waves: The Neuroscience behind Interior Design,

Our Brains and Beauty

Many interior designers and architects understand that we need beauty because our surroundings impact our well-being. Science has now shown that our brains release chemicals which make us healthier when we see beautiful things. These neuro-aesthetic studies explore how light mimicking the sun, color, natural materials and patterns makes us feel better. This is not news to me. Creating environments that ignite emotion has always been my goal. My mindset-first approach lifts my clients to live their best lives. Recently […]

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Lisa-Stewart-Design-Raleigh-Interior-Spring-Sunset-Dream Home-Dream YOU

Dream Home Dream YOU!

Are you imagining building your dream home? Perhaps you are relishing the thought of remodeling your kitchen or bath? Or maybe you’re just desiring new decorating, furniture and wall color? Great! We all need to have dreams! But before you start designing your home, think about to building a better YOU first! During these challenging times we must all strive to be the best person possible. So, I want to inspire you with ideas of new growth like the springtime […]

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Giving Thanks for this Kitchen Remodel in 2020!

This kitchen is accessible so the homeowner can easily reach things as she ages in place. The Universal Design enables my client to reach everything in easy to roll out drawers with soft close features. It will also accommodate a wheelchair if that is needed in the future. She loves to cook and entertain so we took the time to analyze her needs. Every detail was planned for her to function effectively and to fully enjoy the space. We eliminated […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Saints Cyril Methodius Interior

Historic Interior Design in Churches

Ornately painted designs lift the spirit. The inspirational designs covering the interiors of this House of God were created by German immigrants seeking solace during the late 1800s. The immigrants fled persecution and survived hardships and sorrows, but persevered because of their faith. The Painted Churches of Texas were constructed with the same beauty and craftsmanship as the old-world German churches. After their pilgrimages, the churches became peaceful anchors in the immigrants’ new world and reminders of their homeland. People […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Ebenezer Chapel

Plans for Underground Chapel in Raleigh

TED Fellow and world-renowned Spanish architect Xavier Vilalta has created plans for an underground chapel on Ebenezer Church Road adjacent to Umstead Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. The idea came to my friend Mark Boone 10 years ago while sitting there next to the natural spring. The initial concept was simple: create a place for people to come and find peace, hope, and healing. The vision is to carve a chapel from the underground granite that will last for centuries […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Green Home Lifestyle

Easy Ways to Green Your Lifestyle

Ways to Decorate and Live Green. The greenest piece of furniture is one that already exists. Most vintage furniture uses solid wood and has much better quality and craftsmanship than today’s mass-produced furniture churned out by factories. -Carry your own bags into the stores. When purchasing small items ask the cashier for NO bag. Buy in bulk- food from bulk bins can save money and packaging. -Carry a reusable water bottle, preferably aluminum rather than plastic, when traveling or at […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Design Raleigh, International ,Work

Little Girl, Big Dreams

Designing international model homes may not be every American child’s dream but for me, it feels perfectly normal. Why? For one, as a little girl, I adored visiting my dad at his commercial construction business where I first picked up my love for design. For another, I delighted in our family vacations, where our road trips across the USA and Mexico included destinations with endless fascinating things to explore. After our trips I would often go to our lake at […]

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