Internationally Inspired Interiors

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New build, remodel and decorating clients in the Raleigh North Carolina Triangle Area benefit from my lifelong worldwide design experience.

Having been at the forefront of cutting-edge design in some of the world’s largest cities I have seen some remarkably interesting homes. My Internationally Inspired Interiors will give you a new viewpoint!

Did you know I met my husband in Paris in the 70’s? Eventually we moved to the British Hong Kong in the 80’s. Then the Republic of Singapore in the 90’s. Living and working internationally, we always enjoyed seeing how others lived. Finally, in 2001 we settled in Raleigh, NC as empty nesters and proud parents of Appalachian State students.

When my small business in Raleigh was founded, I also commuted to work with an International Architecture firm. We designed Concepts for American Style Model Homes for many huge international developments. We also worked closely with developers to teach them how to truly master American Style Interior Architecture. I taught large audiences top interior designers and homeowners about the Latest American Decorating Trends. My crowning international achievement was to design a 10,000 square foot Showroom full of American made furniture all produced in North Carolina.

Sharing my insights with my clients wherever they live is such a joy. And what a privilege it’s been to witness some of the world’s finest Internationally Inspired Interiors.

See more of Lisa’s international work here

Photo Information
Chateaux d’Lamorlaye France where I met my husband.
Below can you guess which building was home to us in Hong Kong?
And Singapore’s world-famous landmark at Marina Bay.

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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