Homes of Dreams

Dream Home

Do you have a dream home in mind? I’m here to help my clients decorate, remodel and even build dream homes.

But unfortunately many people believe their problems will disappear when they have their dream domicile decorated. My dream for them is to change the way they think and feel about their house.
As I walk through my clients’ places I love to listen and ask unusual questions. To find the answers most must dig deep.
Over the years, I’ve found that many people get stuck trying to reproduce a particular style they like, believing that style represents their personality. In effect they’re letting their lives be defined by a certain look and their home ends up becoming a victim of a fad.
The analytical process I use helps them understand they are not defined by their home. It goes beyond decorating and extends into their life. Sometimes they just need to let go of trends and instead open themselves to express their own uniqueness.
So, let’s start by defining HOME differently.
~Home is you (mental, spiritual, soul)
~Home is your feeling
~Home is your body
~Home is where you are now
And let’s stop trying to recreate someone else’s look. We cannot define ourselves by our digs but we can let our home tell the story of our lives. My home reflects me and where I have been. It does not define me, but it does reflect me by telling the story of my life.
Get it? Are you ready to create YOUR home of dreams?

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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