Homes of Beauty

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Find inspiration for your home in the beauty of nature.

Surrounded by the artistry of nature I walk in the woods. The trees are giant works of art to me. Each leafless branch has been sculpted by the wind over time.  The trickle of the stream draws me to the water’s edge. Once a rushing river, the water has receded after the storm. Like a grand art show opening, the creek bed now reveals its latest masterpieces of glistening quartz rocks. This outdoor setting is one I want to take home with me.

Through the ages, man has tried to capture the beauty of nature in architecture, art and furnishings. We line the walls of our caves with pictures and textiles that tell the story of our lives. We use furniture made of fallen trees still engrained with lines of age. And we use nature’s infinite variety of color on our walls to bring the outdoors inside. WHY?

-Nature is beauty. It’s human nature to want to be surrounded by it in our homes.
-We all crave beauty. We will always be drawn to it and never be satisfied.
-Beauty is individual. Our taste is defined by what we perceive is beautiful.
-Like nature, our taste is always changing, growing, and evolving as long as we live.

Take a moment to survey your home. Does it reflect nature in any way?  Does it fulfill your craving for beauty? Is it designed specifically for your tastes? Has it changed over the years? Do you desire to change? If so, just go take a walk. You’ll find inspiration for your home in the beauty of nature.

This nature-inspired photo is courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home.

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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