“Home” Means

Dream Home

Homes of Dreams

Do you have a dream home in mind? I’m here to help my clients decorate, remodel and even build dream homes. But unfortunately many people believe their problems will disappear when they have their dream domicile decorated. My dream for them is to change the way they think and feel about their house. As I walk through my clients’ places I love to listen and ask unusual questions. To find the answers most must dig deep. Over the years, I’ve […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Hong Kong

Homes of Heart

What Does Home Feel Like to You? As the sun rose on a new day in Hong Kong shortly after we moved there, I remember walking hand in hand with my husband down the crazy streets. Having met in France we were excited about this next adventure. Our hearts told us the move to Hong Kong, a British Colony then was the right thing to do, but I questioned everything my overwhelmed senses were telling me. As we continued down […]

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Home Soul, Family room, blue sofa, stone fireplace,, bookcase

Homes of Soul

Did you know interior design can add soul to your home? I ask all my clients, “What do you want your home to feel like?” Regardless of the answer, we jointly come up with a plan to affect the sentiments the client wants to express. One client wanted her home to feel calm. When we finished decorating, she said, “Lisa has helped me to turn my house into a home and has been so incredible to work with. She’s thoughtful […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Health Green Home

Homes of GREEN Health

Green Home Benefits for All. If you’re planning on building a new home, remodeling or just purchasing furniture here are a few ways Going Green can benefit your life and benefit the environment at the same time. Green Homes offer superior air quality because builders use safer construction products that do not emit harmful chemicals like those used in conventional homes. They avoid finishes and paints that emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Green Homes save you money by using […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Military

Homes of Service

Home for our Military? Leaving home can be hard and no one knows that more than our military personal deployed around the world. We were privileged to watch our nephew’s deployment ceremony at Fort Bragg when he left the country to serve as a helicopter pilot. As he left the hanger that day with all his personal belongings, he knew his dangerous destination but could not tell us where he was going. We wished him God Speed and wondered what […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Raleigh Interiors Party 1

Homes of Hospitality

Stress-free entertaining tips. Do you love to entertain and host cozy dinner parties? Do you have the gift of hospitality that allows family and friends to relax, linger, and laugh in your home? Or does the thought of entertaining stress you out? Have you given up trying to host the perfect party? If so, here are a few pointers to get you moving again. Clean just enough. Remember your guests are coming to see YOU, not your home. Relax and […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Homes Healing

Homes of Healing

Is Your Home a Healing Refuge? Rainy days are a fact of life. When a bad day leaves you soaking wet do you have a place to dry off? When unexpected accidents, injuries or illnesses get you down, does your home leave you out in the cold or high and dry? Or does your dwelling envelop you with the comfort you need and well-being you seek? When LIFE gets the better of you can your domain really help you cope? […]

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Lisa Stewart Interior Design Raleigh home farm

Homes of Harvest

Fall brings pumpkin and apple picking, corn mazes, hayrides, and harvest festivals. We take time to connect with family, relax, and have some fun. I love heading to the farm in the fall. As a kid, we headed to the farm where my mother was born. My sister married a sheep rancher and my kids loved visiting their country cousins. And now my mother-in-law is living on a farm near her childhood home. Farmers work hard for the bounty they […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Beauty1

Homes of Beauty

Find inspiration for your home in the beauty of nature. Surrounded by the artistry of nature I walk in the woods. The trees are giant works of art to me. Each leafless branch has been sculpted by the wind over time.  The trickle of the stream draws me to the water’s edge. Once a rushing river, the water has receded after the storm. Like a grand art show opening, the creek bed now reveals its latest masterpieces of glistening quartz […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Home of Comfort

Homes of Comfort

What makes a comfortable home? I love watching HGTV shows that help people decorate, renovate or completely redesign their homes. Having a COMFORTABLE new place is always at the forefront of the lucky homeowner’s mind. Their wish list for the project includes words like comfy, cozy, cushy, easy, soft, and snug as if their home was a bathrobe. They want a stress free environment that will give them contentment and security. That’s why in show after show we hear homeowners […]

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