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“Green” is becoming more and more hip as we become increasingly aware of the environmental consequences of our choices. Following your eco-conscience when purchasing home furnishings is easier than you might think.

Important elements of sustainability to look for in your purchases include:
– Non-toxic products in carpets, cabinets, drywall, paint.
– Natural products in mattresses, fabrics, and many other items.
– Recycled products in countertops, furniture, and accessories.
– Reclaimed products in flooring, architectural details, and tile.
– “Sustainable” or “Renewable” wood from well-managed forests.
– Energy-saving appliances and lighting options.
– Water-conserving faucets and toilets.

The demand for eco-friendly options is going up.  To meet these needs, the home furnishings industry is constantly working to improve and refine the new “Green” design options available.
Salvage operations that save and reuse parts of old buildings and homes mean less ends up in our landfills. Shopping at flea markets, antiquing and reusing artwork and accessories is a great affordable way to go “Green”. Finally, learning to live with less in both square footage and personal possessions is a great way to be eco-friendly.

We can all help save our earth, our health, and our money by making more environmentally sound choices in our decorating. And from the looks of all the wonderful options available now, we can do it in STYLE!

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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