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Lisa Stewart, Design, Interior, Raleigh, NC, Townhouse,

Combine what’s currently trending in design with the tried-and-true classics and you end up with Contemporary Interior Design.

The main floor of this stylish town house highlights decorating trends top to bottom. Notice the bold up-to-date color scheme with warm wood floor and walls. Black focal points carry your eye around the room, as gold, gray and white accents repeat throughout. The eclectic mix of traditional & modern and old & new is very current. Decorating the ceiling is in fashion with these inexpensive and easy to install trims. A small chandelier centered above the coffee table ottoman suggests the perfect place to sit and relax. Wall mounted televisions are everywhere now and this one is creatively framed to take your eye off the big black box and instead draw you to the molding and birch tree wallpaper. The crystal bedazzled deer antlers crown the TV with welcome whimsy.

All the trends and furnishings shown in this townhouse create a cutting-edge contemporary design suited perfectly for the world today.


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Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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