Dream Home Dream YOU!

Lisa-Stewart-Design-Raleigh-Interior-Spring-Sunset-Dream Home-Dream YOU

Are you imagining building your dream home? Perhaps you are relishing the thought of remodeling your kitchen or bath? Or maybe you’re just desiring new decorating, furniture and wall color?

Great! We all need to have dreams! But before you start designing your home, think about to building a better YOU first! During these challenging times we must all strive to be the best person possible. So, I want to inspire you with ideas of new growth like the springtime blossoms shown here.

Sadly, the fact is sometimes a person can live in the most heavenly haven and still be unhappy. Some people believe that having a beautiful home will solve all their problems.

Unfortunately, Interior Design and Decorating will not truly fulfill you. Here are a few surprising thoughts to ponder before you proceed.

Interior Design and Decorating CANNOT:
~Make you feel loved. Do you know who you really are? Your home does not define you.
~Make you happy. Dig deep, what honestly gives you joy? Contentment comes from within.
~Make you comfortable. What brings you contentment and well-being? Know your bliss.
~Make you worry free. Do you have “stuff” to deal with? Move on with your life.
~Make you well. What is the best way to heal your body, mind and soul? Choose a healthy lifestyle.
~Make your current home a castle. Unreasonable expectations foster disappointment. Do a reality check and be practical.

That said, here’s HOPE. Great interior design and decorating can improve your spirits. My clients tell me my design services have made them happier and have even changed their lives. My work is fulfilling because I have witnessed many home and life transformations. I would love to guide you through the process of designing, building and decorating your castle in the air! But first plant your dream life and bloom where you are. Know what you really want and nurture those goals. Live your divine destiny so you can frame a dwelling with a firm foundation to support all your future daydreams too. DREAM ON!

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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