Color’s Affect on Us

Lisa Stewart design Interior Raleigh Color

Our behavior and mood can change as the world of color changes around us. Colors in our environment affect us physically and emotionally. Why?

Color is light. When light strikes any colored object, the object will absorb only the wavelengths that exactly match its own atomic structure. The reflected wavelengths are the color we see and feel. The important point here is that the light bulbs you use will affect the color.

Color is energy. The fact that the energy of light physically affects our bodies has been proven time and again. Therefore, our reactions can be strong at times. Do you have a color you HATE? Be aware of how color physically hits us.

Color is Nature’s own powerful non-verbal signaling system. It is the first thing we unconsciously register when we see things. When yellow daffodils, bluebells, and colorful crocuses appear, we immediately begin to feel livelier. On the other hand, the sight of a yellow and black bumble bee sends off alarm signals and we react differently. Colors of the interior environment where we live or work affect us in the same way those in the natural world do.

Color is subjective but when the study of color harmony is combined with the science of psychology, reactions can be predicted with startling accuracy. That’s why I developed a Color Questionnaire for my clients. We combine your questionnaire answers and my expertise to make sure that the colors we paint in your home will be perfect for YOU. Ready? Let me come, see your space, the lighting, and everything in the room. Analyzing what color is best for your life can be very fun!

Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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