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LEDs Light the Future

It’s been over 125 years since Edison invented the incandescent light bulb and so it’s about time for a major revolution in the lighting industry. Get ready! The revolution is coming in the form of LED’s. Light-emitting diode technology is already widely used in commercial buildings, automobiles and aircraft. And LED technology for all household uses and applications is becoming more and more common at stores everywhere. What are the advantages of LED bulbs? – They save money and energy […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Fluorescent Light

Your Home and Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Energy saving fluorescent light bulbs present a few challenges for home use. While larger fluorescent lamps have been used in commercial or institutional buildings for some time, the compact fluorescent lamp is now available in the same popular sizes as incandescent and is used as an energy-saving alternative in homes. Here are a few things to know when using them: Aesthetic Challenges: -The color of the light is the biggest challenge when doing interior design. Colored objects are perceived differently […]

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Lighting to Set a Relaxing Mood

When you’re ready to relax, the lighting in your home should reflect the calm atmosphere of a fine dining establishment versus the frenetic energy of a fast food restaurant. Recently my daughter commented about my living room and its many lights: seven lamps and two lighted pieces of artwork.  She thought this was pretty excessive. In defense, I explained how my varied, well-placed lights create the tranquil feeling I want. Here are a few ways you can achieve a relaxing […]

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