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November 12, 2020

Giving Thanks for this Kitchen Remodel in 2020!

This kitchen is accessible so the homeowner can easily reach things as she ages in place. The Universal Design enables my client to reach...

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Lisa Stewart Design Saints Cyril Methodius Interior
December 15, 2018

Historic Interior Design in Churches

Ornately painted designs lift the spirit. The inspirational designs covering the interiors of this House of God were created by German immigrants seeking solace...

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Lisa Stewart Design Ebenezer Chapel
December 27, 2016

Plans for Underground Chapel in Raleigh

TED Fellow and world-renowned Spanish architect Xavier Vilalta has created plans for an underground chapel on Ebenezer Church Road adjacent to Umstead Park in...

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Lisa Stewart Design Green Home Lifestyle
June 16, 2016

Easy Ways to Green Your Lifestyle

Ways to Decorate and Live Green. The greenest piece of furniture is one that already exists. Most vintage furniture uses solid wood and has...

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Original 1968-07 NY China Town Lisa
September 12, 2015

Little Girl, Big Dreams

Designing model homes in China may not be every American child’s dream but for me, it feels perfectly normal. Why? For one, as a...

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Lisa Stewart Design End Marx 1
August 15, 2015

Historic Design Star Enid Marx (1902-1998)

She failed at design school yet succeeded during the Second World War, while England was under threat from bombing. She thrived during a time...

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Lisa Stewart Design Home Success
April 5, 2013

Dress Your Home For Success

Can we affect positive change in our lives by redecorating our home? My answer is yes, of course! In my article “Where Are You...

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Lisa Stewart Design Where Are You From?
February 5, 2013

Where Are You From?

Where you’ve lived and places you’ve visited have influenced who you are and therefore your home’s décor. We tend to surround ourselves with environments...

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Lisa Stewart Design Magic Museums
February 14, 2012

The Magic of Art Museums

Art museums are magical places because they inspire me. The Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota did not disappoint when I visited...

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