“Home” Means

Lisa Stewart Design Shelter

Homes of Shelter

Since early man sought protection in caves, humans have needed shelters to escape the elements. And as long as man has built shelters, these shelters/homes have been used to measure one’s wealth, self-esteem and pride. Today we use our modern day “shelters” filled with creature comforts and treasures not only to escape the elements, but to sooth our souls and renew our strength. Last month I was out when I got a call from my daughter who was watching the […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Success

Homes of Security

What do you need to live a life of passion and purpose? Could your home be the key to success? Think about the homes you’ve lived in and the feelings they’ve evoked. What stands out about each one? Having lived under many roofs around the world, I have a unique perspective. I’ve been able to abide quite happily in many different dwellings. The one thing that stands out about all the places I’ve called home whether temporary or permanent is […]

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