Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Pantone 2018

Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Decorating with purple accents add intrigue and sophistication. PANTONE Color of the Year is 18-3838 Ultra Violet. The color of the vast night sky is symbolic of limitless possibilities. It communicates originality, ingenuity, and creative thinking. Inventive and imaginative, this thought-provoking shade of purple lights the way to what is yet to come. Purple has always been my favorite color. This model home in China has touches of purple with warm creams and silver. Designed in 2016, it was ahead […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Designer Hire

5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer Before You Build or Remodel

Working with an experienced interior designer teamed with your contractor can help control costs while upgrading creativity so you end up with a distinctive home that flows beautifully throughout. Why hire an interior designer? 1. Couples don’t always agree. Designers can reconcile conflicting styles and make unlike things work together in surprising ways. 2. Designers keep up with the latest trends and techniques in building construction. We come up with beautiful creative ideas and solutions that you would never think […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Contractor

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

An interior designer’s advice for remodeling or building. Are you considering working with a contractor for remodeling or building a new home? Here are some things to consider. Get at least three estimates that include everything from repairs, warranties to clean-up. The unforeseen things can get you, and you don’t want to be gotten! Don’t be too quick to jump at the lowest bid. A Consumer Reports survey showed that people who used the lowest bidder got poorer quality work. […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Raleigh Mary McDonald 4

2017 Fall High Point Market: Magic with Mary McDonald

Blushing pink interior design inspiration from furniture market. This beautiful setting designed by Mary McDonald for the Chaddock showroom blends black, white, blossom, large geometric shapes, and a touch of gold. The award-winning Los Angeles interior designer is one of the stars featured on the Bravo TV series “Million Dollar Decorators” and “Property Envy”. Mary has influenced my design signature for years. What a treat to finally meet her! Lisa Stewart is an interior designer serving the Triangle area of […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Hire Designer

News & Observer: Pro Tips When Designing a New Home

Plus Lisa’s “must haves” for building and remodeling your Raleigh home. And why should you hire an interior designer? Hiring an interior designer can give you that divine dwelling you’ve dreamed of and provide more value for your money. And there’s no need to stress about cost: consulting fees are typically 1 to 1.5 percent of the total project cost. By engaging an interior designer before construction starts, as my client did in this project, you’ll end up with a […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Lighting 2

Must-Have When Building or Remodeling a Home: A Lighting Expert

Design your home with lighting to brighten your life! When building or remodeling a home take time to learn the latest in lighting from lighting expert, Deb Dorn of Capitol Lighting Gallery. She always keeps me up to date on the innovative and high-tech options available in the market today! Together we can design lighting plans for you that will add comfort and luster to your life.   Here are just a few radiant ideas. Light stairways for safety. Place […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Interior Raleigh Countertops

Must-Have When Building or Remodeling a Home: Kitchen Countertop Continues as the Backsplash

Design a clutter free look by continuing the countertop material right up the wall. This kitchen feels open and airy because the granite countertop and backsplash visually enlarges the space. Notice also how the backsplash has no unsightly outlets and switches. They are hidden by using products that install under the upper cabinets. There are also USB ports and device holders for the homeowners’ phones, tablets and other devices. For more information on these products read more here. Lisa Stewart is […]

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Lisa Stewart Design Raleigh Interior Sink Ikon Blanco

Must-Have When Building or Remodeling a Home: A Beautiful Sink

Move over stainless. There’s a new sink in town! The heart and soul of the kitchen belongs to the kitchen sink and I’m drawn to the beautiful, granite-like composite sinks that come in many neutral colors. They are rock-hard durable and heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. Being made of porous natural stone, they do require a little regular maintenance: cleaning with a mild cleanser and protecting them with mineral oil keeps them looking like new. Whether you’re preparing food, cleaning up […]

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Lisa Stewart Design interior kitchen cabinet 1

Must-Have When Building or Remodeling a Home: Kitchen Drawers Designs are Making Life Easier!

Kitchens often function better with drawers instead of doors. Making decisions about kitchen cabinetry is one of the biggest investments a homeowner makes when it comes to designing or renovating their kitchen. The “drawers versus door” debate continues. But I’m sold on drawers; here’s why! 1. Ease of use: Access to your kitchen supplies is one of the great benefits of designing with drawers. No more items hidden in the very back. Drawers make everything easily accessible without reaching, stretching, […]

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