American Made Furniture in High Demand in China

by Lisa Stewart 15 Nov 2014

The rising middle class in China is clamoring to purchase American made furniture and considers it a status symbol for several reasons. They increasingly appreciate the quality, workmanship and creativity coming out of US factories. Becoming more health conscience, they also want their home furnishings to be free of toxins and know that US factories maintain strict health standards for their products and employees too. 

For those of us in the design community who might be skeptical and are leary of potential copying, I believe we can take heart. Our American creativity, ingenuity and quality simply cannot be duplicated, and the increasingly affluent Chinese middle class want what only we can provide. This photo was taken in the Hickory Chair Showroom. See my article about the Hickory Chair University and Factory Tour.

My Chinese partners came to High Point specifically looking for furniture made in America to incorporate into our American designs. This photo was taken at a fun restaurant during Market. 

Lisa Stewart in an Interior Designer in Raleigh, NC.