Home Decorating BLING!

by Lisa Stewart 15 Mar 2014

Innovative interior designers are looking for BLING in everything. And bejeweled home furnishings can be found everywhere. I’m seeing radiant light-reflecting crystals embedded in lighting, flooring, appliances, furniture, dinnerware, accessories and even artwork. Why should jewelry and fashion have all the fun? When visiting the Michigan Design Center, I found these bedazzled broadloom samples. Now you can bring the brilliant midnight stars overhead home and underfoot in this carpeting. 

Capturing light and reflecting color is bound to add some glamour to your home décor. The multi-faceted interplay of light may just spark your creativity too. Imagine the possibilities! Can you go overboard with these flashy options? Maybe! Ostentatious? Never. Bring on the BLING! 

Lisa Stewart is an Interior designer in Raleigh, NC.