Homes of Security

by Lisa Stewart 24 Jul 2010

What do you need to live a life of passion and purpose? Could your home be the key to success?

Think about the homes you’ve lived in and the feelings they’ve evoked. What stands out about each one? Having lived under many roofs around the world, I have a unique perspective. I've been able to abide quite happily in many different dwellings. The one thing that stands out about all the places I’ve called home whether temporary or permanent is that I have felt secure- physically and emotionally. Knowing I’m protected and out of harm’s way has always allowed me to prosper and live my best life. How about you? Are you thriving under your threshold?

It is my hope that we all have homes that provide security in body and mind allowing us to lead successful lives of significance.  

Lisa Stewart is an Interior Designer in Raleigh, NC.