Fall 2015 High Point Market - Bold Black Decorating

by Lisa Stewart 17 Oct 2015

Black is finally at the forefront of decorating fashion. I’m talking about a new feminine glamorous vibe with black as a major dramatic character. Not the weird 1990’s all black.

These photos were snapped in High Point during market. Notice the black walls are balanced by other strong elements. The table and headboard stand up to the black on their own. The metallic gold and silver accents help avoid the black hole affect and the dark brown woods add warmth.

My love of black comes from one of the best decorators I know, my mother. She has always said, “Every room should have something black.” I took that to heart years ago and painted feature walls and even ceilings in my home beautiful BLACK! Let me know if black is your next bold move. Beware, professional help is advised. 

Lisa Stewart is an Interior Designer in Raleigh, NC.