Tips from a Home Decorating Shopaholic

by Lisa Stewart 14 Jun 2014

I’m a home decorating shopaholic. Call it retail therapy, a shopping spree excites me. My day is brightened by the possibility of what I may find. I feel uplifted by the allure of beautiful things waiting to be MINE. So I hit the shops where soon enough, there IT is. I see IT. I love IT. IT’s perfect. I need IT. I have to have IT.    

This is a problem because my home is full and I need nothing! Don’t get me wrong: my home is nicely decorated and clutter free. Since I want it to stay that way, before I buy anything new I ask myself some questions.

-What will I have to get rid of in order to make room for this new acquisition? What will I sell at the consignment store? What will I donate to Goodwill?
-Does it fit my décor and overall design vision? Does it fill in a blank spot?  Is it the right color, size and style?
-Can I afford it? Can I do without it? Can I return it? Can I walk away and leave it here? 

There’s no end to the tempting household thingamajigs out there (and on SALE!) and I know impulse purchases can sometimes be mistakes. So sometimes I just have to tell myself, “Get over it! Stop and think about it! Just because I love it doesn’t mean I have to buy it!” 

Lisa Stewart is an Interior Designer is Raleigh, NC