Feeling At Home in the Governor's Mansion

by Lisa Stewart 22 Mar 2012

I recently had the great honor of touring the North Carolina’s Executive Mansion in Raleigh. Completed in 1891, this historic house and home remains one of the state's finest examples of the Queen Anne Cottage style of Victorian architecture. Its many attractive features include a steeply pitched gable, wrap porches and richly colored textural surfaces. 

The mansion really begins to shine once inside. With 16 foot ceilings, columns and elaborate turned woodwork it would be easy to feel overwhelmed. I immediately felt at home because the red carpeting reminded me of my childhood home. The furniture, rugs and other decorative items create a wonderful eclectic collection of traditional pieces from all over the world. My favorite rooms, the library and dining rooms, are pictured here. 

The Executive Mansion Fine Arts Committee is tasked with preserving and maintaining the mansion as a unique architectural treasure. They also are responsible for acquiring beautiful interior furnishings. Called the “people’s house” this home is open for viewing during public tour season. The people of North Carolina should be proud of this jewel!

Lisa Stewart is an Interior Designer in Raleigh, NC.