Custom Designed For You

by Lisa Stewart 25 Sep 2011

Having trouble finding the perfect fabric, wall covering, or flooring? Did you know you can design your own? New technology has made it possible for you to personalize anything. Now you can put your own stamp on your home by creating custom designed materials of all kinds: from fabrics to wall coverings to floorings and even to countertops.

I loved this wall covering inspired by the pooch. It's just one example of how you can imagine and then create items that absolutely no one else will have. And don't keep all the fun to yourself!  Let your friends and family be involved in the artistic process too.  When they see their own ideas transformed into something truly unique, they'll feel a special joy that will last for years.

Online retailers and manufacturers have made it easy for you to create one-of-a-kind looks. One great source here in the Durham, NC, area is Spoonflower, a producer of custom printed fabrics. I am pictured there watching the printing process.

Lisa Stewart is an Interior Designer in Raleigh, NC.

Gracious Living with Bob Timberlake

by Lisa Stewart 22 Sep 2011

Life is a celebration of love, family and home for this North Carolina artist whose family history dates back to the 1700’s and has been recreated in film. As a child Bob Timberlake experienced “country living” at its best. Now he captures those wonderful experiences for others to enjoy through his signature paintings, log homes and furnishings.

The outside world seemed to fade away as he recently spoke before a group of interior designers in High Point, NC. There was no fancy slide show, no pitch to sell his latest designs. He spoke from his heart encouraging us to bring creativity, comfort and compassion to every project. He challenged us to use our talents, freely given by God, to benefit others. Quoting the verse “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” we were reminded to surround ourselves with trustworthy people because they are the jewels in our lives.

Thanks, Bob, for sharing your secrets of a life well lived and dreams fulfilled. Your endearing embrace still warms my soul.

Lisa Stewart is an Interior Designer in Raleigh, NC.