Designs to Reflect Your Life

"We moved from a tiny home to a much larger space, leaving several completely empty rooms to fill. With such a blank slate, just figuring out where to start was daunting. Lisa helped us think about how we were going to use the rooms, complete furniture layouts, choose colors, and find places to shop. Most importantly, she guided us to think about our house as a whole and carefully choose pieces that reflected our own consistent style. A friend recently remarked how much she could tell about us from our house." - Nicole

Renovation the Right Way

"In the short time Lisa was here I avoided making costly mistakes while renovating our home. Lisa listened to "where I wanted to go" and steered me in the right direction with very creative ideas I never would have thought of on my own. We are very happy with the results! I love my home now." - Georjeanne

The Perfect Wall Color

"I thought I knew what wall colors I wanted until Lisa arrived at my home with her color selection palette and her design knowledge. First, she highlighted my artwork by properly placing it. Then she guided me toward the color choices that pulled my whole home together." - Pati

China Interior Design Partner

"We invited Lisa to partner with us for the design of a model home for the number one builder in China. She listened carefully to the client’s wishes and toured the site as a professional. When her design was presented to the client, everyone was inspired by the creative use of the space and the visionary ideas proposed." - Chinese Design Partner

Luxury Villa in China

"Lisa’s design for our luxury villa sample (model) home was a great example of American creativity. She is a gifted designer who challenged us to think in new and important directions about our housing developments." - Chinese Builder

Staging to Sell Your Home Fast at Top Dollar

"Lisa worked miracles for us with her "Design to Sell" service. We were concerned about trying to sell our home in a very slow real estate market and turned to her for help. She used her design knowledge to transform our house into a spacious and beautiful home that was so appealing we had two offers over the list price within 24 hours of listing the house for sale." - Roberta

The Cozy Dream Living Room

"Lisa made my living room transition easy. She gave me suggestions on how to arrange the furniture and what to buy. Later, she met me at the store and helped me pull all the fabric choices together. We now have the warm, cozy room we wanted with all-new, custom-made upholstered furniture." - Patricia

Organizing Your Life

"With Lisa’s help we created a plan to get rid of the clutter and extra pieces of furniture in our home. Once that was done she knew just where to send us to purchase the right pieces of furniture that worked together with a favorite piece of art." - Cassie

An Office that Functions Properly

"My home office functioned marginally, but had no soul. I was amazed how Lisa rearranged everything. Now my clients love to talk about the interesting walls and I love having a place to work that is both inviting and functional." - Mark

Changing Your Life

"Lisa is a miracle worker, a marriage counselor and a creative genius. I never knew hiring an interior designer would confront and solve emotional issues with my material possessions. I love my home now." - Jeanette

Staging & Selling Your Home

"When we put our house on the market, we wanted it to show well but did not want to rent decor or furniture indefinitely from a stager or purchase new items that may not fit in our new home. Lisa helped us rearrange what we already had and suggested a few strategic and economical purchases to transform the look of the house. Our real estate agent was pleased, exclaiming that it looked like a completely different house!" - Brian